Certification on Euroclear for LTNS

Global Money Financial & Private Credit Ltd. Provided through its International Board of Directors
service of verification of title (LTN) in the platform Euroclear ..
Certification for the Euroclear platform includes:
– Digital certification
– NCDC (international contract)
– Monetization
– Foreign exchange
– Other international contracts (subcontracts)
– Platform (program \\ software)
– Hardware
– Open account (opening of account in Euroclear)
– BIC swift banking (correspondence code)
– Forms (fill-in forms)
– E (Electronic Document Transmission)
The price of the service fluctuates according to Euroclear rates, change and according to some factors involved in the certification. If the title is approved by the bank, the deadline for it to be available for monetization is up to 120 days. The available Bank will be chosen from among 50 Top International Banks from which we have access to Euroclear / Isin platforms
I – Part:
Procedures for acquiring an account for exposure and verification of LTN securities
1 – Open account in Euroclear.
2 – A digitally validated and internationally certified digital signature is required.
3 РAll integrated and original EDT programs, such as ID BANK, Comptabilité.
Oficce and Norton.
4 – 01 New Notebook, no system installed. (Provided by the bank after payment of their respective fees)
5 – Own e-mail domain.
Data and information of the applicant, whether individual or legal, title scanned in high definition: between 600 and 1,200 pieces.
Valid passport, digital signatures, e-mail, address, bank details, etc.

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