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Global Money Financial Ltd 
– International Contracts consultants
– Business opportunity in all sectors in USA – PANAMA – BRASIL – EUROPE
– International Trade
– Complience Service Certificate
– Loans and international investments
– Opening Service Offshore and Onshore
– Account Opening Services Bank International
– Credits Cards Issuance and debts International with out tracking
– Aircraft and vessels registration services in over 25 international jurisdictions
– Game License Issuance services in more than 35 countries
– Virtual Office Services in London Singapore United States Panama
– Accounting and Audit Services International
– International Legal Services in more than 35 jurisdictions worldwide
– Patent Registration Services World
– Trust Services and warranty banking
– Registration Services and acquisition of international banking institutions
– Import and Export Services
– Monetary and exchange Services – EUROCLEAR AND SWIFT
– PPP Platforms Services and Forex